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Warranty and Terms of Service

Upstate Electrical Solutions offers the following terms and conditions of services provided. Upstate Electrical Solutions reserves the right to modify the Warranty and Terms of Service any time by posting revised Warranty and Terms of Service without prior or further notice.

100% Money-Back Guarantee
Upstate Electrical Solutions offers a money-back guarantee if a customer is unhappy with the services provided. This refund will cover all dispatch fees, labor, and cost of materials. If you purchase any service from Upstate Electrical Solutions, such purchases will be subject to the additional terms and conditions as stated in the quote or estimate given.

Terms and Conditions
Please note that Upstate Electrical Solutions does not offer payment plans, post-service financing, or any net terms. All payment for services is due at the time of service.

The entire invoice is due upon completion of the services described in the quote.

Upstate Electrical Solutions will accept cash, check, or credit card payment for services rendered. We also accept online credit card payments for your convenience.

EFFECTIVE 01 Jan 2017

Warranty and Terms of Service subject to change without prior or further notice.