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Color Selectable LED Recessed Lighting


Smart lighting is convenient, but that's certainly not all it has to offer, especially in regard to Eaton Halo LED Downlights. Many homeowners favor the installation of LED recessed lights because they are stylistically compatible with a wide array of decorative plans. These lights can bathe your room in ambient lighting or provide accent illumination for special niches of your living space. Eaton Halo LED Downlights take the functionality of recessed lighting even further. Their smart features, energy efficiency, and other benefits make them a popular option for homeowners and home builders today. Once you understand the benefits of these lights, you may wish to consult with your Greenville electrician for LED upgrades.

Change Color Temperature

One of the most distinctive benefits of Eaton Halo LED Downlights is their color adjustment feature. By using the hub app, homeowners can adjust the color temperature of the lighting for warm or cool color ambience. The lighting maintains its 90 CRI throughout the color adjusting process. Warm lighting, which is more yellow in color, has a lower temperature and tend to feature the hues of lamplight. Cool lighting, on the other hand, has a higher temperature and is more similar to daylight. There's no right or wrong when it comes to whether to feature warm or cool lighting, but with Eaton Halo LED recessed lights, you can have the best of both worlds.

Also, keep in mind that LED lights do not emit infrared or ultraviolet light, so they're safer to your artwork and fabrics. If you have lighting that causes infrared or ultraviolet damage to your draperies or upholstery is another reason to opt for an LED upgrade.


Dimmable recessed lighting allows homeowners to set the mood for any room. Using the hub app, homeowners can dim the lighting by 5% for a customized experience. Another feature of dimmable lighting is that, when dimmed, less wattage is used to produce the light. That means a reduction in energy use—and a reduced energy bill.


The ability to group and control lighting is a major benefit of installing Eaton Halo LED Downlights. In short, you can actually create distinctive scenes by grouping these lights. Then, with the hub app, you can control the group without the need to make adjustments for each individual light.


The ability to schedule Halo LED recessed lights is a smart feature that excites many homeowners. You can schedule your lighting while you're away to enhance your home's safety and security. Ensure you don't walk into a dark house at night. You can also make your home look occupied when you're away to deter intruders. The hub allows you to control individual lights or groups of lights so you can customize your lighting schedule.


Halo LED recessed lights are compatible with any mobile device that has a ZigBee-based system. This compatibility leads to some outstanding convenience features. While at work, you can perform dimming functions for your lights right from your smartphone. Using your digital tablet, you can schedule your lighting from your vacation hotel room. Your Greenville electrician can discuss how this process works in detail. With the hub and apps, users can access their lighting system for remote use—and it doesn't get more convenient than that.


Recessed lighting can enhance the look of any room while ensuring excellent lighting functionality. Eaton's Halo LED Downlights are offered with separate designer trim options, including a paintable style so you can paint the rim to match your wall color. Other trim styles include Tuscan Bronze and Satin Nickel trims. You can purchase these trims to complement your recessed lighting installations.

Energy Efficiency

Homeowners all over the country are making LED upgrades to save money on energy. LED lighting uses less energy, so that's not only money-saving; it's good for the environment. Incandescent lightbulbs use more than 80 percent more energy than LED lights. That translates to substantial cost savings in just a year's time. Moreover, LED lighting, as your Greenville electrician can tell you, doesn't waste energy through heat loss; traditional lighting can waste as much as 98 percent input energy when it's lost as heat. In terms of energy-efficiency alone, LED lighting is the progressive choice to make.

Easy to Install

Your Greenville electrician is likely to tell you that they prefer to install recessed lighting owing to its ease of installation. The lights are designed to sit tightly against your ceiling and don't need to penetrate too deeply into your drywall. If you're looking to make some renovations in coming months, recessed lighting is definitely a smart option to consider because it's easy to achieve, doesn't lead to a big mess, and will enhance your home's functionality every day.

Keep these benefits in mind as you contemplate making a change to your home's lighting plan. Your Greenville electrician is certainly familiar with Eaton Halo LED Downlights owing to their innovative design and popularity. If you're planning a major lighting renovation like converting each room to LED lights, you may actually add value to your home as many home buyers are looking for smart, energy-efficient solutions such as recessed lighting. With all the benefits that Eaton LED recessed lighting can offer, be sure to consider these smart options for your home setting.

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