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Which Type of Electrician Should I Hire?

Electrical Repair and Service Greenville SC

Hire a Local, Licensed Electrician You Can Trust

Whether you are in need of help due to a power failure or you are after a professional to help you with electrical upgrades, it's always best to know who to turn to. In Greenville, emergency electrician services are available to you. These professionals can arrive at your home quickly to help you with any type of outage or complication you are facing. However, when you begin your search, it helps to know about the various types of electricians available. Knowing who to call can save you time and money when you need electrical repair services.

Take a Closer Look at the Professionals Available to You

Here are a few examples of the most common types of electricians and the type of work they can do for you. Remember, it is always important to vet your electrician and ensure he or she is licensed and insured. They should also have experience in the specific area of help you need to ensure your safety.

Service Electricians

Many homeowners will need to call on an electrician from time to time. You may hear them referred to as a service electrician. These professionals are fully licensed and insured. They provide for many of the services you need to maintain your electrical systems.

Service electricians install new lines, handle repair needs, and maintain electrical systems. They can work in either residential or commercial settings. Most of the time, these are the pros you call when you need emergency service. Most Service Electricians have spent the earlier part of their careers as Commercial Electricians and Residential Electricians, they are knowledgeable in many areas of the electrical trade.    

Service electricians handle just about everything within a residential and commercial setting necessary. Here are some of the services they provide:


These are just a handful of examples. In nearly all cases, if your home or business needs repairs, service electricians are your go-to solution.

Emergency Services Are Available from Your Service Electrician

In Greenville, emergency electrician services are generally provided by your service electrician. If you need fast and reliable help because of a failed electrical system, these professionals may be available to you. When you cannot wait to get electrical repairs made, your service electrician is your go-to professional.

By comparison, most larger-scale electricians handling the big jobs such as design and installation work in new buildings, simply don't have the time to handle these projects. Your contractor's electrician may even be an out-of-town provider, which means it would take days for this person to become available.

You don't have to wait for that contractor. Rather, when you have a need due to a repair, installation, or maintenance issue, contact your service electrician. They work closely with you – often providing same-day service – to get the repairs made quickly. They have the means of managing nearly all needs, too.

In all situations, you should inquire about the company's experience. Working with a Master Electrician or an otherwise licensed professional is critical to ensuring the work is done properly.

Residential New Construction

Residential new construction electricians specialize in the wiring and electrical installation in new homes. They can handle the design and installation of complex electrical systems in your new home. They typically can wire for any type of design your architect creates.

Because they typically work with contractors and builders, these professionals often are proven professionals. They will handle the installation of all aspects of the electrical system, which means they can help with repairs and maintenance later on if you need to do so. Some simply work alongside contractors, though, to provide these advanced services.

Many residential new construction electricians service the electrical equipment they've installed. They also may be located out of town. In these situations, they tend to subcontract warranty work to a local service electrician.

How can residential new construction electricians help you?


Commercial New Construction

In today's modern commercial buildings, there are complex systems for managing energy use efficiently. If you are constructing a new building for any commercial aspect, it pays to work closely with this type of professional.

Commercial new construction electricians handle all aspects of design and installation of electrical systems in these buildings. This includes designing for equipment, refrigeration, built-in features, and both indoor and outdoor components. They work alongside commercial builders to handle these tasks.

As with residential new construction electricians, these professionals typically work outside of the realm of the average customer. However, their work tends to include:


Most business owners don't need to deal directly with these professionals. Rather, most of your needs are met by service electricians.

Unsure of What Help You Need?

Whether you need an Electrician near Greenville for a remodel or an unexpected repair, you can count on Upstate Electrical Solutions to be there for you. Call us today at 864.834.9955 for the support you need. We can often provide same-day service for all of your electrical needs.

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