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Electrical Repairs that Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow

Electrical Repair and Service Greenville SC

When it comes to home repairs, the electrical system usually takes a backseat to the more comfort-related repairs like the AC system that stopped working or the plumbing drains that keep stopping up. If an outlet stops working most homeowners will simply ignore it and start using the next receptacle in line. This put-it-off-till-later attitude ultimately leads to electrical hazards, after hours emergency service calls, and costly electrical repairs. Here are a few common electrical service calls our electricians respond to in Mauldin SC that should not be ignored nor treated as simply inconvenient:


If part of your electrical system stops working, it’s time to address the situation sooner rather than later. Electrical defects usually go hand-in-hand with heat. Addressing a repair early will stop the spread of damaging heat that will affect other parts of your electrical system, like melting wire nuts, burning insulations in Romex cable, and overloading breakers.

One of the most common electrical service calls is an outlet that has stopped working. Homes wired in the ’70s and ’80s most likely use stab-in-the-back quick connections for the wires feeding the 3 prong outlets. One small piece of spring metal is all that holds the wire in place. As time goes by, the circuit heats up and cools down the effects of expansion and contraction take its toll on the outlet causing a loose electrical connection.

A loose electrical connection is the root of many electrical malfunctions and here is why. A loose connection creates a point of resistance in the electrical circuit. This resistance causes a heat buildup, the heat itself causes even more resistance to the path of electricity. So now you have a dangerous snowball effect of resistance and heat buildup. Eventually, an electrical fire will ensue. This deadly scenario could be avoided by replacing the faulty outlet ASAP. Having arc fault breakers or AFCIs installed is another great way to protect your home. These relatively new electronic breakers actually listen for the RF (radio frequencies) transmitted by arcing caused by a loose electrical connection. The installation of arc fault breakers is a simple electrical installation and may reveal problems in your home's wiring that have gone unnoticed. I bring this up because so many people upgrade HVAC systems, new flooring, countertops, and the list goes on and on. Very few homeowners upgrade their electrical wiring and electrical panel until they have become a safety concern. Most people spend more on Starbucks coffee than electrical maintenance for their home each year. My point is, spending a few hundred dollars on new, safer breakers is money well spent that will give you peace of mind.

If you haven’t had an electrical safety inspection, consider calling your local electrical contractor to check the following parts of your electrical system:

Electrical Service


Grounding System


Main Panel


Branch Circuits


Switches and Plugs




If you would be interested in scheduling an Electrical Saftey Inspection in the Greenville SC area, please call Upstate Electrical Solutions at 864.834.9955, we offer same day service and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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