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Prevent Electrical Damage From Storms

With the recent threats of Hurricane Irma and Harvey I have received many calls from customers looking for a Residential Electrician in Greenville, SC, they have been asking how to best protect their electrical system in the event of storms, floods, or evacuation. The biggest threat to your electrical system from storms is Power Surges, Lightning Strikes, and Partial Power Outages. If you must leave your home consider turning off your main breaker and unplug all appliances and electronics. To protect your HVAC system, turn off the breaker feeding it and make sure the disconnect at the unit is in the off position. If you are going to stay in the home unplug any appliances and electronics that aren’t needed.

Taking these simple steps will limit the possibility of damage caused by Power Surges, Lightning Strikes, and Partial Power Outages.

Check out our page on Surge Protection for more information about the dangers of Power Surges and what you can do to protect your home.

Partial Power Outages are not something most people worry about, but they can be just as damaging as a lightning strike. A partial outage occurs when a leg of power coming from the Power Company is lost, or worse the neutral feed is broken. Your incoming voltage from the Power Company has three main components, two hot legs and a neutral. The neutral balances the 240 Voltage of power across each hot leg to equal 120 volts. If the neutral is lost an imbalance will occur allowing as much as 240 volts of power to feed into appliances and electronics that are only rated for 120v. By turning off your breakers or unplugging those items you stop the path for voltage to flow into them. If you see your lights dimming or getting brighter you may have lost a neutral connection, running a 240v appliance like a clothes dryer or oven will intensify the problem. If this is the case turn off all power and call your local power company.

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