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LED Light Bulbs: Now is the Time to Upgrade

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One of the biggest benefits of LED light bulbs is that they last longer than their traditional incandescent counterparts. The fact is, this newer, lower cost, light bulb has produced a very interesting problem for manufacturers. They are working too well for too long. With claims that LED bulbs lasting anywhere from 10 to 20 years, the fact is, the lifespan is way longer than the traditional bulb but that also means people won’t be buying them as much. For manufacturers, this isn’t a good thing but for the consumer, this means now is the time to buy your LED light bulbs.

How Long is Too Long For LED Light Bulbs?

As of August 8th, 2016, the longest burning light bulb title belongs to a bulb that has been burning for over 100 years in a Livermore, California fire station. Not only has it been featured in an article by the New Yorker, but also started the conversation on life spans of light bulbs. It has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records and when it does but out, it will be “laid to rest” as any 100+ year old light bulb should. It’s life span has last through many decades, a whole century, and even outlasted the company that created it. Why did the company go out of business you ask? Because the light bulbs they made were lasting too long.
This isn’t the first time that manufacturers have had a hard time with light bulbs. When incandescent light bulbs first lit up the scene, they were lasting decades. So in response, the manufacturers started creating thinner filaments, drastically shortening their life span.
So what does all of this mean for the consumer? Basically, if you’re needing to buy light bulbs anytime soon, grab the LED light bulbs. As of now, there hasn’t been any major changes that would affect the long life span which means you are buying a bulb that could last up to 20 years. The lifespan/cost ratio works incredibly well for you.
If history tells us anything, it is that the manufacturers will soon find a way to give the LED light bulbs a shorter life span, so go buy them as soon as you can!
Also if you need assistance with LED light bulb installations or upgrades, you know who to call!
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