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3 Reasons to Avoid DIY Hot Tub Installation

Electrical Repair and Service Greenville SC

So you’ve purchased a new hot tub – what a fantastic investment to add value to your home, enjoy warm water in any weather, and add to your entertainment options. When your hot tub arrives, it is tempting to follow DIY instructions to get you up and running as fast as possible. However, there are several important reasons why not to DIY and to call Upstate Electrical Solutions for your hot tub wiring.

Why Upstate Electrical Solutions?

Wiring installs can make you susceptible to safety hazards by itself – add in the proximity to water, and it’s essential that you evaluate the quality and integrity of your wiring before putting a toe in. It may be tempting to save costs and DIY or let a handy friend take a shot at it. However, you’re going to put yourself at risk to errors and the professional workmanship needed to ensure your safety and the protection of your new investment.

Upstate Electrical Solutions is the local source for expert spa wiring installation in the Greenville, SC area. With our licensure and experience, you’re sure to get all of your questions answered with service we’re proud of.

3 Big Problems with DIY Hot Tub Installation:

Electrical Codes

Greenville City and Greenville County have specific rules and codes required to consider your hot tub installed properly. These codes evaluate the type of materials, the style of the installation, the environment of your hot tub, and the elements of your power source. This code is designed for your protection and not abiding by these codes could put your property and family at risk.

Grounding and Bonding

Proper grounding and bonding are always important, but when it comes to a hot tub, pool, or spa, it’s probably the most important area of your electrical system to get it right. Proper bonding of all metal components helps ensures an individual will not get shocked or electrocuted if they come in contact with equipment that has a short circuit or faulty wiring. Proper Grounding ensures that in the event of a short circuit or faulty wiring the electricity will have a safe path into the earth allowing the breaker and or GFCI to trip and open the circuit before damage or harm can be caused.

GFCI Protection

Not sure what GFCI protection is? You need to. A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is an electronic device used as an outlet or circuit breaker that detects electrical shorts to ground or other issues in your electrical circuit. Your electrical system uses alternating current, known as AC. This means the electrical current is cycling back and forth 60 times per second. If a hot tub is using 15 amps of current the GFCI will monitor the incoming and outgoing current to make sure the 15 amps leaving the power source comes back as 15 amps. If there is an imbalance as small as 4 milliamps the GFCI will trip the circuit in less then one-tenth of a second. If there is an imbalance it means that the missing current is going somewhere else, potently damaging your hot tub equipment or worse energizing the water in the hot tub or pool. That is why measuring this imbalance is critical because it only takes between 100 and 200 Milliamps to be fatally electrocuted. It is worth noting, you should have GFCI protection in all Kitchens, Bathroom, Garage, and outside outlets.

Hot Tub and Spa grounding, bonding, and GFCI protection require specialized training and continuing education to keep up with the latest code requirement. It is not a job for DIY or handymen found on Craigslist.

Call Upstate Electrical Solutions for the right Hot Tub wiring installation in Greenville, SC! We have the training, state license, and liability insurance required to ensure you get the best electrical installation, and the piece of mind knowing your family is safe.

Ian Ramirez | Upstate Electrical Solutions Ian Ramirez is a Licensed Master Electrician with more than 20 years of experience with Residential and Commercial electrical projects. Contact Ian directly at 864.834.9955 or Click Here to Schedule Electrical Service for Greenville & Upstate SC customers. Upstate Electrical Solutions is a member of the Better Business Bureau. Check out our 5-Star reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp. Our reliable service comes with upfront pricing and a 100% Money Back Guarantee.