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Square D Panel Recall

TAGS: Breaker Repair | Electrical Codes | Electrical Fire Hazard | Electrical Safety | Residential Electrical Repair

Square D Electrical Panel Recall - Greenville SC Electrician

Do you have a model Square D QO Plug-on-Neutral Load Center? If so, you are probably already aware of the recall of some of these electrical panels because they pose fire hazards. And if you're aware, you may have been waiting for months to hear back from Schneider Electric, the manufacturer of the Square D electrical panels. More about Plug-on Neutral Panels.

Schneider Electric is now recommending homeowners, and business owners hire a local electrician to complete the needed repairs. And while that's an option for you, we want to suggest a safer, more up-to-date choice we believe you should consider. But first, let's review the background behind the Square D Recall.

The Square D Electrical Panel Recall

The Square D QO Plug-on-Neutral Panels or breaker boxes were recalled on June 16, 2022. About 1.4 million electrical panels were recalled across the United States, with 289,000 recalled in Canada. The reason for the recall? The electrical panels were overheating, causing fire hazards and potential thermal burns.

These electrical panels were manufactured beginning in February 2020 and until January 2022. If you have an electrical panel from Schneider Electric (or you are sure who manufactured your electrical panel), look for the date codes ranging from 200561 and 220233. If your circuit breaker box is installed outside, you'll find that code on the unit's door, inside the unit's door, or on the unit itself when the door is open. If your circuit breaker box is indoors, you may need a qualified electrician to access and confirm the date codes.

The recalled Square D electrical panels were installed not just in homes but also in RVs. Commercial businesses that may have these circuit breaker boxes in place include restaurants, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, commercial lighting installations, and other commercial establishments. Among the stores selling then were Home Depot, Lowe's, and Greybar.

If You Want to Deal With Square D

Because Schneider Electric is so backed-up trying to deal with the problems posed by this electrical panel recall, the company has been suggesting that you place a smoke detector above the electrical panel, so you know if it catches on fire. Obviously, this is far from an optimal solution.

Schneider Electric is also suggesting that homeowners contact local electricians to have their electrical panels inspected and, if needed, repaired or replaced. While Schneider Electric should reimburse homeowners for this expense, there's no knowing how long this might take.

If you do want to work with Schneider Electric, call Danielle. You can also reach out online by clicking here. or at Click on "Recall Safety Notice."

A Better (Safer) Solution: The Leviton Smart Panel

If you're looking for a safer, better solution for your electrical panel, we'd like to recommend the Leviton Smart Load Center. This revolutionary electrical panel uses smart technology to connect your home's infrastructure to the internet, so you can manage your home's electricity from your phone — and, with this cutting-edge tech, it has no history of recalls for dangerous flaws in design or use.

More importantly, Leviton Breakers use a proprietary design that locks the breaker tight and eliminates the loose connections and overheating seen in Square D QO Plug-on-Neutral Load Centers.

When you upgrade your home's electrical system, you make life easier for yourself while protecting your family and saving money. Among the benefits of the Leviton Smart Load Center are the following:


At Upstate Electrical Solutions, we have your safety in mind — and we want you to save energy and money. If you are in the Greenville, SC, area, check in today to ask questions about the Square D Electrical Panel Recall or the Leviton Smart Load Center

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