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Ford Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

TAGS: Electric Vehicle Charging Station | Ford Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

Ford Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Greenville SC

Ford has entered the electrical vehicle market in a big way — and it's ready to keep those hot new cars and trucks juiced up and ready to hit the road. The Ford Connected Charge station and the Ford Charge Station Pro are designed especially for your Ford vehicles. They're quick and easy to install, and they look sleek and modern on your wall. 

At Upstate Electrical Solutions, we're experts in these new charging stations. Take a look at everything that's involved with keeping your new Ford F150 Lightning or your new Ford Mustang MachE all charged up. We also can install EV charging systems for Tesla electrical vehicles and Rivian R1T trucks.

Ford's Two Home Vehicle Chargers

For the amazing new Ford Mustang MachE, the revolutionary new electric SUV that carries on the Mustang tradition, you'll want to install the Ford Connected Charge station. That tough Ford F150 Lightning electric truck uses the Ford Charge Station Pro to charge. Keep reading to see the differences between these two efficient charging stations.

Speedy Charging

With the Connected Charge station, you can take your Mustang MachE from 0% to 100% charge in as little as 10.9 hours — and you can count on 28 miles of range per hour that you charge. Plug your Mustang in for an overnight charge, and in the morning, you'll have all the range you need for your daily commute. The Charge Station Pro gets your F150 Lightning from 15% to 100% charge in just 8 hours.

Easy Installation

You certainly don't want to install your Charge Station Pro or Connected Charge station on your own, as it requires the skill and expertise of a licensed electrician for safety. But installation is quick, taking just a few hours, and your charging station is compatible with your home's electrical system.

Easy to Use, Easy on the Eyes

Both of Ford's EV charging stations are small and sleek, so they look handsome attached to your garage wall or along the side of your home. The case is weatherproof, and the 20-foot cable gives you real flexibility about where you park. Best of all, the FordPass app connects your smartphone to your charging station, so you can control it remotely (including locking and unlocking) when needed.

The FordPass App

Charging your Ford electric vehicle is ultra easy with the use of the FordPass app which is available for free at the Apple App Store and at Google Play. Not only can you lock and unlock your charging station remotely (to allow others to start your charge), but you can keep track of all your vehicle's energy usage. Making things even more convenient, the FordPass is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Easy to Purchase

If you're just buying your Ford F150 Lightning electric truck or your Ford Mustang MachE, you can loop your purchase of your charger in with your electric vehicle purchase. If you already have your amazing Ford electric truck or SUV, you can order the charger from Ford, or we can order it for you. In some cases, you may be eligible for discounts from your electrical utility.

We Can Install Your Ford Electric Vehicle Charger

Are you ready to install a new Ford Connected Charge station or a Charge Station Pro? At Upstate Electrical Solutions, we can help you. You need to choose the right place for it (indoors? outdoors?) — we can help you make that decision. We'll give your home's electrical system a once-over to make sure everything is ready for your new electrical charging station. 

Call Upstate Electrical Solutions today at 864.531.7855 or contact us to arrange for the safe installation of your Charge Station Pro or Ford Connected Charge station.

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