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Hiring an Electrician? 3 Important Tips

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Don’t be fooled. The first couple of listings on Google are for sale and the top bidder will appear first regardless of their review status or ability as a contractor, the same is true for Googles new Home Services feature. Unfortunately, many online review sites Like Angie’s List, Yelp, and Home Advisor have adopted a pay to play environment for service contractors. It is wise to look a little deeper before just clicking the first name that Google pitches to you. Most of these paid for spots will be labeled as “sponsored” or “ad”. Regardless of the position a website is in, it’s best to check reviews across Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau. A lesser known reputation site is NEXTDOOR.COM. Consistent 5 Star Reviews without duplicates being found on each site will be a good indication of a reputable company that isn’t spamming fake reviews and cares about great customer service. It is my opinion that Angie’s List and Home Advisor have lost real credibility, both brands are currently owned by the same parent company. Bottom line spend a few minutes doing basic research, you won’t regret it.

Check credentials. You might assume the technician being sent out to work on your home is a Licensed Certified Electrician. But in fact, that is not always the case and surprisingly not even required by law. In Greenville, SC there are two types of Electrical Contractors. The first type is a Residential Electrical Contractor, this type of contractor is only able to do Residential Electrical work not to exceed a certain dollar amount per contract. The second type of contractor is a SC Mechanical Contractor with an Electrical classification, these contractors can do Residential and Commercial Electrical work, again not to exceed a certain dollar amount as listed on their licensed. Regardless of the type of license the Electrical Contractor holds, it is only the company’s designated employee that must be licensed by the state. This designated employee is NOT required to be present for the electrical work performed on your home or business or even check on the work that has been done. If having a licensed electrician is a determining factor in your decision to hire a contractor make sure you ask if the Technicians being sent to do the work are in fact licensed. Every licensed electrician should have a valid card with their credentials, ask them to see it. A real electrician that has put in the hard work required by the state will be happy to show you they are in fact, LICENSED!

SC LLR License Lookup link:

Are they Insured? Don’t simply take their word for it, ask them to have their General Liability insurance company email you a certificate of insurance stating in writing what their coverage is and the address of the project is in fact covered. Workmen’s compensation insurance is NOT required in Greenville, SC for electrical contractors with four or fewer employees. This is not to insinuate that smaller companies are not insured but it is certainly a good idea to exercise due diligence and check for proper insurance. Although the state does not require workmen’s comp insurance for all contractors, if someone does get hurt on the job it could be your homeowner’s insurance picking up the bill.

Upstate Electrical Solutions is Licensed by SC LLR and able to perform all levels of electrical work for your home or business. All work is performed by a Licensed Electrician and covered by a quality General Liability Insurance Policy. If hiring a licensed and Insured tradesman is a must for your peace of mind, please feel free to contact Upstate Electrical Solutions anytime.


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