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Electrical Outlet Repair and Electric Switch Service Greenville SC

Electrical Outlets + Switches

Safety and convenience at your fingertips.

Outlets and switches might be outdated in your home, to the point that they make it a bit unsafe to plug your devices and appliances in. They might also reduce the efficiency of anything that's inserted into the outlet as well. Give the friendly, knowledgeable technicians at Upstate Electrical Solutions a call and we'll have someone come out to look at your specific situation. If we find an issue, or if you already know the outlets and switches in your house are outdated and/or low-quality, we can help you replace them with more-current models that are safer and more efficient to use.

Common Electrical Problems with Your Outlets + Switches

How can you check things out yourself to see if your outlets and switches need to be rewired, repaired or replaced? As usual, the easiest way is to check for a few common signs that tell you things aren't as safe or efficient as they could be. These signs aren't always obvious to the unsuspecting homeowner, so read on to find out if you need us to give you some help.

Your electric bill seems higher than it should be: If you've got a general idea of what your home's electric bill should be, and it seems like you're being charged an arm and a leg for energy usage, it could very well be that the wiring to your outlets and switches — or the outdated or worn materials themselves — are causing your devices and appliances to run inefficiently. Call one of our professionals over, and they'll check to see if there's a problem of this sort. If there is, they'll also help you with any rewiring or outlet replacement you need to get your bills back to a reasonable rate.

You can feel heat radiating from one of your outlets: You might feel a small warmth coming from a light switch equipped with a dimmer, but you should never feel any heat coming from an electrical outlet. If you notice this happening, absolutely do not use the outlet — give us a call and we'll root out the source of the problem for you.

One of your switches or outlets stops working entirely: This is a massive inconvenience, but sometimes improper wiring or cheap material can cause an outlet or switch to temporarily stop working or go dead entirely. If this happens, you don't have much of a choice but to have the whole thing outright rewired and/or replaced. Call up one of our pros and we'll send them over to help you fix the issue.

You need electricity to access some of the most important and beloved things in your home. If you've got some problems that require repairs or replacement, give Upstate Electrical Solutions a ring and we'll send someone over that can get your system to work with quality outlets and switches.

Upstate Electrical Solutions 5-Star Reviews "I called around and Upstate Electrical Solutions were the only ones who told me that he come out that day, I got a notification from them 10 minutes after I got off the phone with them let me know that they were on the way. Not only did they respond fast but they treated me as a priority number one. They also got all the permits required for me to get my power back on. They made this whole dilemma extremely easy. This company really cares about the customer. I will definitely be doing business again with them."

J. Bridges, Greenville, SC

Upstate Electrical Solutions 5-Star Reviews "Upstate Electrical installed a new breaker, ran wiring, and installed a new electric car charging device on the outside of my house. Stephen and McCoy worked quickly and cleanly, and the final result looks perfect. I would use them for any electrical work I have in the future."

Andy W., Greenville, SC

Upstate Electrical Solutions 5-Star Reviews "Upstate Electrical Solutions' price was fair compared to some other prices that we received. After the install we could not believe the difference the lighting made in our kitchen. We are completely happy with the advice and service given by Upstate Electrical Solutions, not to mention the value. Thank you very much."

M. Chancey, Greenville, SC

Upstate Electrical Solutions 5-Star Reviews "We're very happy with the level of service that Upstate Electrical Solutions provided. We received a thorough, professional quote for rewiring our house. Ian did such a great job that I would recommend him to anyone needing electrical work done. We couldn't be happier with the professional work he did and the level of customer service he provided."

M. Rodriquez, Greenville, SC

Upstate Electrical Solutions 5-Star Reviews "TESLA HOME CHARGER INSTALLATION. I just got the new Model 3 and had ordered the home charger. I could not find anyone that knew what they were doing and the Tesla's website only recommended 2 installers which were outrageously overpriced and they were booked out 6 weeks. I called Upstate Electrical Solutions and they were able to come out the next day. They gave me a fair quote and did an amazing clean professional job. I also appreciated they did not try to sell me any 3rd party products and acknowledged I got the right charger for the car. The two installers were Ian and Anthony. Once again, I highly recommend these guys for home car charger installation."

Jason B., Greenville, SC

Upstate Electrical Solutions 5-Star Reviews "Ian responded almost immediately and was there that same day. He quickly diagnosed and resolved the problem sockets and also installed a much needed outside outlet for a very reasonable price. He was prompt, courteous, and efficient. I am new to this area and needed a good, reliable electrician. I have found that with Upstate Electrical Solutions."

Ronald R., Fitchburg, MA

Upstate Electrical Solutions 5-Star Reviews "McCoy and Ally installed a Ford Charger, home surge protector and additional 220V outlet in my garage. Outstanding work. Very clean install and would highly recommend to others looking to install a car charging system."

Adam F., Greenville, SC

Upstate Electrical Solutions 5-Star Reviews "I called Upstate Electrical Solutions for a problem with my circuit breaker. Ian answered my call and tried to troubleshoot over the phone. We agreed a service call was necessary and he was at my house in about an hour. He quickly remedied the problem and made an incidental repair while he was there at no additional charge. Will definitely use this company in the future."

Bonnie W., Greenville, SC

Upstate Electrical Solutions 5-Star Reviews "Called on Monday and Ian came the next day. Discovered the problem with the power to the HVAC unit. He fixed the issue with no trouble at all. He did not charge a fee for just pulling in my driveway. What he did charge was very reasonable. I will definitely call him again for any electrical issues. I highly recommend Upstate Electrical Solutions."

Scott S., Raleigh, NC

Upstate Electrical Solutions 5-Star Reviews "Ian did a fantastic job for us - installed three ceiling fans and a floor outlet. Also, he made a great recommendation for LED under-cabinet kitchen lighting, which turned out beautiful. Just as important as the quality and competent work performed was their professionalism and dependability. Great communication, on time, as promised, completed efficiently and correctly."

Melissa L., Taylors, SC