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Lighting Installation, Ceiling Fan Installation and Electrical Repair and Service Greenville SC

Lighting Installation + LED Retrofits

Upstate Electrical Solutions offers upfront pricing and Lifetime Warranties on all workmanship.

When you are ready to bring your home to life with a contemporary lighting design that looks great and will make your home more energy efficient, call Upstate Electrical Solutions. LED Recessed Lighting and LED Under-Cabinet Lights are great ways to brighten up your kitchen and other living areas, making them more functional and enjoyable while adding real value to your home.

Our electricians have years of experience performing lighting design and installation. This experience will ensure you get the right type of lighting and an installation that is clean and professional. Give your home the increased safety and illumination benefits of LED Motion Sensor Flood Lights, or upgrade your old flourescent light fixtures with LED Retrofits that offer improved efficiency and increased brightness. We have developed work practices that ensure the least invasive installation possible. Upstate Electrical Solutions offers upfront pricing and Lifetime Warranties on all workmanship. Don't trust your lighting installation to an amateur, call Greenville's most Trusted Electricians - Upstate Electrical Solutions.

Lighting Installation Greenville SC
Our professional lighting installations include:

Lighting Installation

Nothing completes the look of your home or workplace like the right lighting design and fixtures. Whether you're augmenting your outside lighting to enhance your home's beauty, adding task lighting to your workshop or kitchen, or upgrading your bathroom lighting to make your morning routine more enjoyable, having the right lighting in place can make your life better.

For the sake of safety, electrical work requires trained and licensed electricians. That's why we're here at Upstate Electrical Solutions. Our Greenville electricians are licensed and insured, with over 20 years of experience and a deep knowledge of the local community.

We show up on time and do the work you need, sometimes even on the day you call. We provide a 100% money-back guarantee, and we always give you a price quote you can count on before we start any work. It's no wonder that our neighbors throughout the Greenville and upper South Carolina area come back to us year after year for installations, upgrades, and repairs.

We know the importance of great lighting to your environment. The right lighting can lift your mood and improve your home's aesthetics. It can add to your home's value and make your time at home more welcoming. We believe in providing the right lighting for your work spaces, to help your offices, kitchens, and workshops become more functional and your time there more practical. And we know the difference great lighting can make to your times of relaxation in your living spaces.

When you upgrade your lighting with Upstate Electrical Solutions, you make an investment in your home's safety and appeal. Put an end to constant power outages and harsh lighting that adds stress to your life by making the changes — some of them very subtle — that change your whole living environment through light.

Indoor lighting can make or break a room, and we're ready to help you upgrade your living room, family room, home office, and bedroom with recessed LED lighting that's attractive and cost-effective. Adding lighting upgrades to your bathroom helps you start each day off on the right foot, with all the illumination you need for shaving, grooming your hair, and putting on makeup. You might be surprised at the solutions we have to enhance your bathroom lighting — enhancements that add to your relaxation and make the most practical room in the house become a haven.

You also want excellent lighting in your kitchen, since it's so often the heart of your home. If you hesitate to invite guests into your kitchen, consider warm LED recessed lighting and under-cabinet lighting that sheds a welcoming glow throughout the room. Are you a dedicated home cook or baker? You'll love your kitchen even more with upgraded lighting that lets you use every corner of the most important room in the house.

Indoor lighting isn't all we do at Upstate Electrical Solutions. Your exterior lighting is vital to keeping your home safe. We'll install LED motion sensor flood lights to keep intruders away and to light your way home as you arrive each evening. Walkway lights add curb appeal and make your home even more attractive, while adding functionality and safety when guests come to visit. And there's nothing like relaxing in your own backyard at night with gentle outdoor lighting that lets you feel like you're on a vacation in your personal paradise.

At Upstate Electrical Solutions, we're your Greenville electricians, ready to deliver the ideal lighting for your unique home. We'll help you find energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions, working within your budget to add beauty, practicality, and security to your home.

LED Motion Sensor Flood Lights

Imagine coming home late at night. It's dark, and no one's about. But as you drive up to your house, lights turn on to greet you, flooding your driveway, walkways, and more with welcoming illumination that lets you know you're home, and you're safe.
Flood Light Installation Greenville SC
That's the feeling you get every night when you opt for LED motion sensor flood lights. Intruders and vandals don't dare come near your home when their approach triggers the motion sensors. With no dark places available, they have nowhere to hide. The passive infrared technology that bathes unwanted visitors in light is active all night long, with no alarms to set and no work required on your part.

Those bright lights provide all the illumination needed if you also have a security system that includes cameras, so you can catch the bad guys on video. And when you're home, you'll feel safer knowing that no one can get near your doors or windows without being seen.

Your licensed Greenville electrician from Upstate Electrical Solutions is ready to install the motion sensor flood lights you need to upgrade your home's security lighting. We choose LED lights because they're bright, energy-efficient, and cost-effective. They come on immediately, and they burn cool for an added layer of safety. Additionally, because they have a long lifespan, you don't have to worry about changing the bulbs often.

Those LED motion sensor flood lights are also ideal for lighting the way when your guests arrive at night. By illuminating walkways, you help prevent trips and falls, and you'll never have to dig around to find your keys in the dark again. Add value to your home and safety to your nighttime arrivals with LED motion sensor flood lights.

LED Recessed Lighting

Bring beautiful recessed light into any room in your home to add a sense of focus wherever you want it. When you're ready to make a small room feel larger and use those dark corners and niches you've always wasted in the past, recessed lighting is your answer.
Flood Light Installation Greenville SC
Because you can place LED recessed lighting anywhere you want it, you can create a unique look that's all your own. Recessed LED lights are lightweight, so they can be installed without damage to your home's structure. They're ideal when you want accent lighting that gives your room a streamlined, modern look, and they're perfect for spotlighting artwork or decorative elements throughout your home.

Opt for LED recessed lighting as well when you need task lighting in your kitchen, home office, or even your bathroom. Adding dimmers to your recessed lights gives you added versatility, making it easy to set whatever mood you choose with the touch of a switch. With high ceilings, they can wash your whole room with light, and with lower ceilings, they make your space feel bigger, since you don't have any light fixtures intruding into the room.

Waterproof LED recessed soffit lighting is available for your outdoor spaces as well. Small recessed lights can be angled and swiveled to aim lights just where you need them, and they don't draw attention to themselves. Because recessed lights are hard-wired into your electrical circuits, you shouldn't try to install them yourself. Instead, give your Greenville electricians at Upstate Electrical Solutions a call to help make your living spaces feel more modern and enjoyable with recessed lighting.

LED Under-Cabinet Lighting

Nothing makes your kitchen feel more sophisticated and welcoming than the glow of LED under-cabinet lighting. They can add a sense of warmth to your room, helping you relax when you decide to eat dinner at the kitchen counter or table and flip off the overhead lights. Under-cabinet lights even serve as a much-appreciated night light when you head to the kitchen in the wee hours.
Under-Cabinet Lighting Installation Greenville SC
But under-cabinet lighting provides far more than just mood lighting. Kitchens are rarely well-lit for the work at hand, often relying on the glow of a single lighting fixture high overhead. Under-cabinet lighting changes all that. When you're hard at work preparing dinner or baking that next masterpiece, under-cabinet lighting provides the task lighting you need to illuminate your workspace and help you see what you're doing clearly.

LEDs are ideal for under-cabinet lighting because of their slim design, which makes it easy to fit them in the limited space available. They're also dimmable (unlike fluorescent lights), giving you greater choices for day-to-day use. And because they last for an average of 50,000 hours, you can install them, enjoy their cool light, and not worry about having to change them.

Because LED lights are designed for hard-wiring, you can enjoy the look of under-cabinet lighting without any distracting cables to mar your view. And LED lights are ultra cost-effective, letting you make a big change to the look of your kitchen easily.

You can also use LED under-cabinet lighting in other rooms. Think about installing these practical lights in your home office or workshop to illuminate work spaces, or add them to built-in bookshelves to add extra light to your family room or study. At Upstate Electrical Solutions, we're ready to help you add this warm, comforting type of lighting anywhere you choose to place it.

LED Fluorescent Light Retrofits + Upgrades

Fluorescent lighting has long had the reputation of being harsh and unforgiving. If you're using fluorescent lights anywhere inside or outside your home or commercial establishment, you've probably wished for a while that you could replace them with something more pleasant and reliable.
LED Lighting Retrofit Installation Greenville SC
An LED retrofit or upgrade is the answer. When you replace your current fluorescent lighting with LED lights, you create an environment that's more attractive and energy-efficient. You also get to enjoy brighter light at a more cost-effective price, providing greater security in outdoor areas or parking lots while creating a more welcoming glow, whether for family or customers.

LED lights consume far less energy than old-school fluorescent bulbs — often as much as 65 to 80% less. When you retrofit and upgrade your fluorescents with LED lights, you get to do your part for the environment while also saving on your monthly energy costs. In some cases, you may even be eligible for incentives from your local energy company when you make the switch.

You also cut down on your maintenance costs, since fluorescent bulbs have a relatively short lifespan. They burn out frequently — and the sockets that hold them also need frequent replacement. By switching to cooler, brighter LED lighting, you save yourself the time and energy needed to deal with maintenance, thanks to the long lifespan of LED lights.

LED lights cast far more lumens than comparable fluorescent bulbs, and the light itself is far more attractive than the typical harsh glow of a fluorescent light. That means your home or workplace can enjoy the boost in personal energy that comes with being surrounded by a brighter environment.

If you find yourself wincing when you look at yourself in a mirror under fluorescent lights, or if you're tired of climbing ladders to replace hard-to-reach fluorescent bulbs, it's time for an LED retrofit or upgrade. Your Greenville electricians at Upstate Electrical Solutions can explain everything that's involved with an LED retrofit and get you started on improving your immediate environment with this pleasant light.

Things to Consider Before a Lighting Installation

Why Hire Upstate Electrical Solutions for Your Interior Lighting Installation?

We have the experience, tools, and reputation you want. Our electricians will treat your home with the utmost respect. Boot covers and drop cloths are used to protect your floor and laser markers are used on your walls and ceiling during the layout so you aren't left with lots of pencil marks all over your walls. All work will be done according to code and is backed-up with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Call us today at 864.834.9955 for Priority Same-Day Electrical Service.
Upstate Electrical Solutions 5-Star Reviews "I called around and Upstate Electrical Solutions were the only ones who told me that he come out that day, I got a notification from them 10 minutes after I got off the phone with them let me know that they were on the way. Not only did they respond fast but they treated me as a priority number one. They also got all the permits required for me to get my power back on. They made this whole dilemma extremely easy. This company really cares about the customer. I will definitely be doing business again with them."

J. Bridges, Greenville, SC

Upstate Electrical Solutions 5-Star Reviews "Upstate Electrical installed a new breaker, ran wiring, and installed a new electric car charging device on the outside of my house. Stephen and McCoy worked quickly and cleanly, and the final result looks perfect. I would use them for any electrical work I have in the future."

Andy W., Greenville, SC

Upstate Electrical Solutions 5-Star Reviews "Upstate Electrical Solutions' price was fair compared to some other prices that we received. After the install we could not believe the difference the lighting made in our kitchen. We are completely happy with the advice and service given by Upstate Electrical Solutions, not to mention the value. Thank you very much."

M. Chancey, Greenville, SC

Upstate Electrical Solutions 5-Star Reviews "We're very happy with the level of service that Upstate Electrical Solutions provided. We received a thorough, professional quote for rewiring our house. Ian did such a great job that I would recommend him to anyone needing electrical work done. We couldn't be happier with the professional work he did and the level of customer service he provided."

M. Rodriquez, Greenville, SC

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Jason B., Greenville, SC

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Ronald R., Fitchburg, MA

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Bonnie W., Greenville, SC

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Scott S., Raleigh, NC

Upstate Electrical Solutions 5-Star Reviews "Ian did a fantastic job for us - installed three ceiling fans and a floor outlet. Also, he made a great recommendation for LED under-cabinet kitchen lighting, which turned out beautiful. Just as important as the quality and competent work performed was their professionalism and dependability. Great communication, on time, as promised, completed efficiently and correctly."

Melissa L., Taylors, SC