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EV Electric Vehicle Charger Installation for Business and Retail Locations Greenville SC

EV Charger Installation for Retail Locations

Upstate Electrical Solutions Can Install Electric Vehicle Chargers at Your Business

Increasingly, your customers are driving electric vehicles or EVs. In fact, within 20 years, about 70% of the cars on the road are expected to be EVs — and those drivers will all want to have a place to charge their cars. You can attract those potential customers to your business when you provide EV charging stations.

As a business owner, you're in a position to provide a valuable service to your customers — one that will also attract prospective customers to your establishment. When you opt for EV charger installation, you issue an invitation to every EV owner within driving range that you welcome their business, and even more: that you understand their needs and have their best interests at heart. You also make a statement that you care about our planet's climate and are taking steps toward sustainability — a message that's dear to the heart of the Millennial and Gen Z customers you're courting.

Upstate Electrical Solutions is the leader in EV Charging System Installations

At Upstate Electrical Solutions, we're experts in these new charging stations. We can assist with home EV charging systems for your new Ford F150 Lightning, Rivian R1T truck or your Ford Mustang MachE or Tesla electric vehicles. Upstate Electrical Solutions is also a provider of EV charging solutions for retail locations and apartments. Give us a call today at 864.834.9955 or contact us via email to schedule an appointment for your electrical vehicle charging system installation today.

Your Customers Want to Charge Their Electric Vehicles

Range anxiety is a real thing. That's the feeling an EV driver gets as they watch their battery's charge drop-down, mile by mile, on the screen of their car. When they can, they'll head to a business where they know they can find a car charger. That way, they can juice up their vehicle while running their errands or enjoying a good meal, returning to their car to find it charged and ready to go.

When you install an EV charging station, you instantly make your business more appealing to all those EV drivers. They'll see you listed on sites such as and, which connect EV owners to charging stations — in essence, providing advertising exposure for your business. Many EV drivers now plan their errands around where they can charge. Through EV charger installation, you put yourself on an exclusive list. And you're not doing this for free! You can bill customers for the electricity they use if you want. Or think about adding EV charging as a benefit in your shop's loyalty program, so it becomes even one more reason for customers to come back to you again and again.

EV Charger Installation from Upstate Electrical Services

We can answer all your questions about installing EV chargers, including what types of chargers your premises can handle. In most cases, your building's electrical grid has the capacity to handle Level 2 chargers, which charge at 208 to 240 volts. These EV chargers deliver a nice, steady charge of 45 miles an hour — enough to satisfy the range anxiety of your EV-driving customers while also giving them plenty of time to browse your store or relax in your restaurant.

If your building can handle a greater electrical load, let's talk about Level 3 chargers. These are akin to the Tesla SuperChargers, delivering up to 80% charge in 30 minutes or less. EV drivers will head out of their way to find these Level 3 chargers when their battery is dropping into the scary ranges. That means these chargers are ideal for bringing new customers to your door. And if these are intriguing to you but your older building doesn't have the electrical capacity for them, we should talk about how we can help you upgrade.

When you install EV chargers, you have the option to choose networked charging stations. These allow you to accept credit cards as payment and come with added benefits. Each networked EV charging station is monitored to measure exactly how much electricity was delivered, making it super easy to bill EV drivers automatically.

At Upstate Electrical Solutions, we can handle your EV charger installation anywhere in the state of South Carolina. Our trained, certified electricians will handle the installation with the utmost professional skill, working with tenants, co-owners, and other interested parties smoothly. And we provide all the support you need after the installation is complete.

Are you concerned about costs? Don't be. We can help you start offering EV charging at a price arrangement that works for your budget and your needs. For example, we offer turnkey installation that lets you start charging your EV-owning customers for electricity from the moment they plug in, and all it costs is our equipment and labor.

Or, if you want to avoid upfront costs at the moment, we have other options designed just for you. Let's talk about a lease agreement. Under this arrangement, you pay nothing for the charging stations or for their installation. You'll be a hero to your customers for meeting their needs while making a sustainability statement.

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Attract New Customers With Easy EV Charger Installation

At Upstate Electrical Solutions, it's our pleasure to help you get started with EV charging so that you can meet the needs of your customers and attract new visitors to your business. Our expert electricians have the experience required to install your charging stations safely, and we back up our work and our equipment with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Got questions about EV charger installation? We can answer them — in fact, we're happy to do so! Call us today at 864.834.9955 to talk to us about the ease of EV charger installation, and what it can do to help your business become even more appealing to the customers you're hoping to attract.

EV Electric Vehicle Charger Installation for Business and Retail Locations Greenville SC
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Jason B., Greenville, SC

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