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Electrical System Upgrades

Upstate Electrical Solutions can upgrade your home's wiring and electrical system to a modern, safe and reliable electric system with minimal interruption of power.

Upgrading your Electrical System is probably not something you were expecting or had money set aside for in your budget. Understandably most homeowners view a Breaker Panel Upgrade or New Electrical Service as an inconvenience and financially unrewarding. Although these repairs rarely pop-up at a convenient time the opportunity to invest in your home's safety and energy efficiency should not be considered a waste of money. Admittedly replacing breakers and Installing a new Smart Meter are not as glamorous as New LED Recessed Lighting in your kitchen or a cozy hot tub on the back deck. However, peace of mind and saving money on your power bill are not a waste of money. With Lifetime Warranties and included Whole House Surge Protection, not to mention 24-7 Priority Service after the install, upgrading your Electrical System is an investment in your home's value and family's wellbeing.

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If you are ready to make the necessary repairs, Upstate Electrical Solutions can help you upgrade your home's wiring and electrical system to a modern, safe and reliable electric system with minimal interruption of power. When you hire Upstate Electrical Solutions, a Master Electrician with over 20 years of experience will help you decide the best Electrical Solutions to fit your goals and budget.

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Ready to Upgrade Your Electrical System?

Upstate Electrical Solutions LLC offers a turnkey solution for homeowners when they decide to upgrade their Electrical Service. Most Common upgrades are for old 60 amp, 100 amp and 150 amp Services that need to 200 amp upgrade. We also provide electrical upgrades from 200 amp to 400 amps.

Upstate Electrical Solutions LLC has developed relationships with Duke Power, Blue Ridge Electric Co-op, and Laurens Electric Co-op in the Greenville SC area as well as the Greer Commission of Public Works. These relationships with local power companies and the local inspector's offices in Greenville City and County help to ensure your service upgrade will proceed with limited interruptions to your power.

Why Call Upstate Electrical Solutions?

When you call Upstate Electrical Solutions LLC, we will schedule a licensed master electrician to come to your home and evaluate your specific needs and recommend the best course of action that fits your needs and budget. All prices are put in writing before any work begins. If you agree to our services, our electricians will immediately get work. First, we will obtain all the required permits to start the Service Upgrade, then we coordinate with your power company for a safe electrical disconnect and schedule a reconnect of your power after the electrical inspector has signed off on the work is safe and up to code.

Beware, there are some electrical contractors and electricians in the Greenville SC area that will by-pass the electrical inspections process altogether to save money or conceal the fact they aren't properly licensed or insured. Any licensed Electrician In Greenville SC should be able to show you their State Issued Card proving they are a licensed master electrician and they are an SC electrical contractor. The card will also state contract limits and types of restrictions of work they may perform.

Upstate Electrical Solutions LLC is a South Carolina State Commercial and Residential Electrical Contractor and carries all the required insurance to make sure your home and family stay protected. We follow the electrical permits and inspections process required by Greenville City and County to ensure all electrical work meets current codes. Following these laws will help you the homeowner avoid a massive headache if future renovations require a permit or the time comes to sell the home and Banks, Insurance Companies, and potential homebuyers all want to see proof the electrical work was installed legally by a licensed electrician.

There Are Many Reasons to Consider an Electrical Service Upgrade:

The most unfortunate reason is storm damage. High winds or ice on the overhead incoming electrical lines may have caused a power failure requiring immediate repairs. Upstate Electrical Solutions LLC has licensed electricians on call 24-7 for emergency electrical service the Greenville, SC. If you need prompt electrical service, call us now! Aged and Faulty equipment may be a reason to consider an upgrade. Your home's electrical system is actually a mechanical system, and like any other, it will need repairs and maintenance and eventually replaced. Replace old fuse boxes that have screw-in fuses and cartridge fuses ASAP!

Another concern is defective equipment. In the late '60s and '70s, some electrical contractors were using Zinsco, Federal Pacific, Pushmatic, and ITE electrical panels. Zinsco and Federal Pacific are the most dangerous of these brands and action should be taken if your home's electrical panel bears their name. Call today, and Upstate Electrical Solutions LLC will send a licensed electrician to inspect your electrical service and make the best recommendations to ensure your home is as safe as possible.

Upgrades in the homes heating and air conditioning system may require more power than the current system can provide. Whatever the reason, Upstate Electrical Solutions LLC has a budget-friendly option for the service upgrade you need. Our electricians are licensed, well trained and always friendly. We provide easy to understand pricing, that is always put in writing, so you know exactly what work will be done and what the cost will be. All Service Upgrades come with a Lifetime Warranty for workmanship and include Whole House Surge Protection. As an Eaton Certified Contractor, we use Eaton products that are not only made in the USA but are manufactured right here in South Carolina.

Invest in Your Safety and Security When You Upgrade Your Electrical System.

Hiring an Electrical contractor in Greenville SC is a big decision. If you are unsure if Upstate Electrical Solutions LLC is the right choice, don't take our word for it, visit Google Reviews, Yelp, The BBB, or Facebook to read some of the positive reviews and testimonies our satisfied customers have shared online. We make great efforts to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with every aspect of a service upgrade. We are so confident you will be happy with our service we will give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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"Upstate Electrical Solutions' price was fair compared to some other prices that we received. After the install we could not believe the difference the lighting made in our kitchen. We are completely happy with the advice and service given by Upstate Electrical Solutions, not to mention the value. Thank you very much."
- M. Chancey, Greenville, SC
"We're very happy with the level of service that Upstate Electrical Solutions provided. We received a thorough, professional quote for rewiring our house. Ian did such a great job that I would recommend him to anyone needing electrical work done. We couldn't be happier with the professional work he did and the level of customer service he provided."
- M. Rodriquez, Greenville, SC
"Ian responded almost immediately and was there that same day. He quickly diagnosed and resolved the problem sockets and also installed a much needed outside outlet for a very reasonable price. He was prompt, courteous, and efficient. I am new to this area and needed a good, reliable electrician. I have found that with Upstate Electrical Solutions."
- Ronald R., Fitchburg, MA
"I called Upstate Electrical Solutions for a problem with my circuit breaker. Ian answered my call and tried to troubleshoot over the phone. We agreed a service call was necessary and he was at my house in about an hour. He quickly remedied the problem and made an incidental repair while he was there at no additional charge. Will definitely use this company in the future."
- Bonnie W., Greenville, SC
"Called on Monday and Ian came the next day. Discovered the problem with the power to the HVAC unit. He fixed the issue with no trouble at all. He did not charge a fee for just pulling in my driveway. What he did charge was very reasonable. I will definitely call him again for any electrical issues. I highly recommend Upstate Electrical Solutions."
- Scott S., Raleigh, NC
"Ian did a fantastic job for us - installed three ceiling fans and a floor outlet. Also, he made a great recommendation for LED under-cabinet kitchen lighting, which turned out beautiful. Just as important as the quality and competent work performed was their professionalism and dependability. Great communication, on time, as promised, completed efficiently and correctly."
- Melissa L., Taylors, SC