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Electrical Re-wiring

Bring your home up to code with modern, efficient wiring and electrical systems from Upstate Electrical Solutions.

Electrical re-wiring falls under the branch of "inconveniences" when it comes to the work you're doing on your home. No homeowner wakes up on any given day and suddenly says "I think it's time to do some rewiring in the parts of my house no one ever sees!" Rather, rewiring only comes as a result of other problems or potential upgrades.

For example, in order to make your new entertainment system happen, you might need to reroute electricity in a certain way; or perhaps, if things are getting a little unsafe with another area of your house, you might need a little help rearranging the wire in such a way that it's no longer dangerous to you or your family.

How Can You Tell If Your House Needs Electrical Rewiring?

When you're completely on your own, it's a little tricky to tell if you need to rewire one of your spaces. Thankfully, though, there are plenty of things you can look for on your own that are surefire signs you need some help increasing the safety of an area in your home.

If you think you could use some help with this in a particular part of your house, reach out to Upstate Electrical Services. We'll arrange things so that they're as safe and efficient as possible with electrical rewiring.
"Upstate Electrical Solutions' price was fair compared to some other prices that we received. After the install we could not believe the difference the lighting made in our kitchen. We are completely happy with the advice and service given by Upstate Electrical Solutions, not to mention the value. Thank you very much."
- M. Chancey, Greenville, SC
"We're very happy with the level of service that Upstate Electrical Solutions provided. We received a thorough, professional quote for rewiring our house. Ian did such a great job that I would recommend him to anyone needing electrical work done. We couldn't be happier with the professional work he did and the level of customer service he provided."
- M. Rodriquez, Greenville, SC
"Ian responded almost immediately and was there that same day. He quickly diagnosed and resolved the problem sockets and also installed a much needed outside outlet for a very reasonable price. He was prompt, courteous, and efficient. I am new to this area and needed a good, reliable electrician. I have found that with Upstate Electrical Solutions."
- Ronald R., Fitchburg, MA
"I called Upstate Electrical Solutions for a problem with my circuit breaker. Ian answered my call and tried to troubleshoot over the phone. We agreed a service call was necessary and he was at my house in about an hour. He quickly remedied the problem and made an incidental repair while he was there at no additional charge. Will definitely use this company in the future."
- Bonnie W., Greenville, SC
"Called on Monday and Ian came the next day. Discovered the problem with the power to the HVAC unit. He fixed the issue with no trouble at all. He did not charge a fee for just pulling in my driveway. What he did charge was very reasonable. I will definitely call him again for any electrical issues. I highly recommend Upstate Electrical Solutions."
- Scott S., Raleigh, NC
"Ian did a fantastic job for us - installed three ceiling fans and a floor outlet. Also, he made a great recommendation for LED under-cabinet kitchen lighting, which turned out beautiful. Just as important as the quality and competent work performed was their professionalism and dependability. Great communication, on time, as promised, completed efficiently and correctly."
- Melissa L., Taylors, SC