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Commercial Electrical Repair and Service Greenville SC

Commercial Electrical Services

Upstate Electrical Solutions offers commercial electrical services for businesses in the Greenville area.

Here are just a few of the electrical services we provide to business and industrial customers in the Upstate:

Commercial Electrical Repair and Service Greenville SC

Emergency Electrical Repair

If you have an electrical emergency, it can greatly impact your ability to run your business. Whether it's an overloaded circuit in the office or malfunctioning security lighting, you need it fixed fast. Our qualified commercial electricians will respond quickly and will effectively resolve the problem, so you and your employees are able to quickly return to productivity.

Improved Electrical Performance

If you want to ensure the best electricity for your commercial property, our electricians can help you plan out the electric wiring. You'll need a safe system that provides enough electricity for your needs, including all appliances, lighting, computers and devices, as well as indoor and outdoor security. You'll also need surge protection to protect your devices in the event of a power surge. Upstate Electrical Solutions can help you determine how many outlets you need in each room and work with you to design a fitting lighting system with track lighting, recessed lighting and other special fixtures.

Upstate Electrical Solutions has been serving businesses in the Greenville area for over 17 years and has established a great track record of satisfied commercial customers. But that's not all: because we know we deliver great workmanship, we also give you a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Call Upstate Electrical Solutions today at 864.834.9955 and have an electrician assist with your commercial electrical needs.

Office & Warehouse Flourescent Lightbulb Replacement & LED Retrofit Greenville SC

Office & Warehouse LED Installation & Retrofits

Are you tired of the buzzing and flickering that comes with fluorescent bulbs in your office or warehouse? Have you gotten used to dim lighting because your fluorescent tube bulbs burn out so frequently? Do your employees complain of eyestrain from working under flickering fluorescents day after day?

At Upstate Electrical Solutions, we're your Greenville LED installers, ready to help upgrade your workspace. Converting from fluorescent light fixtures to LED lighting can help you get rid of the hassles and enjoy working in cool, clear light at all times.

LED lights are far more comfortable to work under than fluorescents. They also cut down on your energy bills, with most businesses seeing monthly energy savings of up to 50%. LEDs provide bright light that lets you see details while avoiding eyestrain. They even save on recycling costs, since they don't contain the harmful mercury present in some fluorescent bulbs.

At Upstate Electrical Solutions, we have the expertise to help you make the switch. Take a look at your options as you consider whether it's time to convert from fluorescent bulbs to LED lighting.

Retrofitting Your Fluorescent Lights to LEDs

When you convert from fluorescents to LEDs, you have two basic options. You can either retrofit your existing lighting fixtures, or you can install all new LED lights.

Replacing Fluorescent Tubes with LED Tubes

Retrofitting, which may be a good choice for you if you're happy with the number and location of your lighting fixtures, involves replacing your fluorescent tubes with LED tubes. These lights, which look like fluorescent tubes, come in two types: ballast-compatible and direct connect.

Ballast-compatible tubes use the existing ballast in your fixtures. However, not all ballasts are compatible with LED tubes, so you'll have to do a little homework. In addition, at some point you can expect the ballast to fail, long before the tube fails.

With direct-connect LED tubes, you have to wire the AC directly to the unshunted lamp holder of the single-ended LED tube. You can also find tubes that start off as ballast-compatible but switch over to direct-connect once the ballast fails. In either case, Upstate Electrical Solutions can help make this change quick and easy.

Choose the right wattage of tubes for your business's needs. If you're lighting a warehouse, you probably need 17 watt tubes. Most office buildings require 15 watt tubes, while your parking garage can get away with 12 watt tubes.

Installing New LED Lights

If you choose to install all new LED lighting fixtures, you can take advantage of the opportunity to update the location or the look of your lighting. Taking out the old fixtures in your premises also lets you create better light distribution to ease employee eyestrain and use every corner of your property.

LED lighting fixtures come in a great variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Modern lights come in sleek, high-tech styles that are ideal for a creative office or a cutting-edge engineering or architecture firm. Choose vapor-tight LEDs for a workshop where things get wet or dusty while you're at work. If you need to light warehouse space, you can suspend LED light fixtures from wires or install them flush against walls or ceilings.

Switching to LED light bulbs helps you save money over the long haul, thanks to the savings in energy costs that you'll reap over time — savings that are more than enough to recoup the slightly higher initial expense of LED lighting.

Call Upstate Electrical Solutions at 864.834.9955 to ask an LED retrofit. We're your Greenville lighting contractors, ready to help you save money and enjoy vastly superior lighting in your office or warehouse.
"Upstate Electrical Solutions' price was fair compared to some other prices that we received. After the install we could not believe the difference the lighting made in our kitchen. We are completely happy with the advice and service given by Upstate Electrical Solutions, not to mention the value. Thank you very much."
- M. Chancey, Greenville, SC
"We're very happy with the level of service that Upstate Electrical Solutions provided. We received a thorough, professional quote for rewiring our house. Ian did such a great job that I would recommend him to anyone needing electrical work done. We couldn't be happier with the professional work he did and the level of customer service he provided."
- M. Rodriquez, Greenville, SC
"Ian responded almost immediately and was there that same day. He quickly diagnosed and resolved the problem sockets and also installed a much needed outside outlet for a very reasonable price. He was prompt, courteous, and efficient. I am new to this area and needed a good, reliable electrician. I have found that with Upstate Electrical Solutions."
- Ronald R., Fitchburg, MA
"I called Upstate Electrical Solutions for a problem with my circuit breaker. Ian answered my call and tried to troubleshoot over the phone. We agreed a service call was necessary and he was at my house in about an hour. He quickly remedied the problem and made an incidental repair while he was there at no additional charge. Will definitely use this company in the future."
- Bonnie W., Greenville, SC
"Called on Monday and Ian came the next day. Discovered the problem with the power to the HVAC unit. He fixed the issue with no trouble at all. He did not charge a fee for just pulling in my driveway. What he did charge was very reasonable. I will definitely call him again for any electrical issues. I highly recommend Upstate Electrical Solutions."
- Scott S., Raleigh, NC
"Ian did a fantastic job for us - installed three ceiling fans and a floor outlet. Also, he made a great recommendation for LED under-cabinet kitchen lighting, which turned out beautiful. Just as important as the quality and competent work performed was their professionalism and dependability. Great communication, on time, as promised, completed efficiently and correctly."
- Melissa L., Taylors, SC